How To Make A Compass In Minecraft?

Compasses are helpful for first-timers. It lets them explore the area. Now, most professional players do not use these compasses. It is a handy device, and keeping it with you will help you look for the location and note down the coordinates.

It will also help you direct towards the chest and several things you are looking for, which may be helpful. Obtain four iron nuggets and one Redstone

  • Look whether you need a compass and can afford it by looking at the availability of your items.
  • If you have fewer iron nuggets available, then you may wait and first gather more
  • Put four iron nuggets and one Redstone on the crafting table.
  • Place the red stone in the center, place four iron nuggets above, below, and next to the Redstone. Wait as the compass is getting ready
  • Click and drag the compass to your inventory as it is a new item and must be added.

Crafting With The Compass

  • Make a map, which may require papers and a compass.
  • Place the compass in the center and the paper in all the slots.
  • Place the map in the inventory as it is the new item.
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