How To Install Community Patch In Borderlands 2?

Community Patch

Community patch in any game lets you fix all the bugs, viruses, and issues your game faces and slow down your game’s performance. At times this might irritate a lot of users. To cope with this problem, community patches allow you to remove certain issues your game is facing.

Similarly, in Borderlands 2 and many other games, viruses spoil the gameplay and irritate the gamer. Here are a few steps to install a community patch, save your game, and enjoy the gaming experience smoothly.

How To Install?

This process includes a few basic steps, which are as follows;

  • Open the browser, and download the latest community patch. Ensure that you have complete knowledge about it as there are plenty of platforms offering patches for video games out of which all of them are not real.
  • As soon as the patch gets downloaded, launch your game.
  • After that, type “exec Patch.txt“.
  • That’s all. Now your patch has been activated, which will protect your game from several debugs and viruses.
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