How To Install Antibirth?


It is a free expansion to bind the Issac. It includes new items such as; characters, secrets, and enemies. Kilburn made this mod. It is a Rebirth of a PC. Installing an Antibirth involves a few basic steps, which are as follows.

Disabling DLC

DLC stands for downloadable content

  1. Open SteamApps on your PC.
  2. Press the library tab. It will show you all the purchased games.
  3. Press on “binding of Isaac rebirth“.
  4. Untick all DLC packages.

Installing Antibirth

  1. Open the Antibirth website on your computer.
  2. Click the Download button, which will help you to download the antibirth software.
  3. Click the green download button, which will download the extension of antibirth.
  4. To install it on your PC, launch the (exe) file on your windows.
  5. Press, browse under the destination folder.
  6. Choose the folder where you wish to install Antibirth.
  7. Press the install button located at the bottom-right corner.
  8. As soon as the installation is finished, close the installation wizard, and your Antibirth is installed.
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